Sports Portraits- The TaconicSportsShots way

DYNAMIC | EXCITING and that’s just the photoshoot.

soccer1Sports Portraits by TaconicSportsShots are a labor of love that’s been a lifetime in the making.

Committing to play a sport is a serious business,Image copyright Jane Haslam Photography 2015 There are peak of the action moments capable of bringing a crowd either to it’s feet or it’s knees. There’s the emotion draining intensity in the build up to and fall out after the game. Then there’s the focus and the courage needed to compete in the game itself. 

Our photographs take all that and celebrate it in a series of images that are as far away from “picture day” as you can possibly imagine.

We work with individuals, groups and teams in a controlled environment which could be your field, your home court or our studio environment and we guarantee that after a few minutes throwing yourself about you’ll forget all about the camera, the lights and the crazy photographer, you’ll just get on with the business of doing what you do, to the best of your ability.

Some images will highlight a game specific technique



Other images will be focused on you and your unique personality

cheer leader

basketball portrait2

Finally there’s our totally unique artwork that aims to showcase you and your sport

volleyball soccer2

basketball portrait

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